Can anyone do without counting in life?

Your answer is as good as mine, which is why it is one of the first topics taught while introducing mathematics to a beginner.

As easy as this may be, some children struggle with it either due to a disorder or their learning styles.

Often times, people struggle with what they hear but work better with what they see.

Lifematics believes in turning things within your reach to teaching aids because that is when it is sustainable.

One of the ways to teach a beginner how to count involves using your empty tissue rolls.

re you regretting tossing them in the bin all along? Not to worry, just turn over a new leaf and you can ask a couple of friends to keep theirs for you. Since it’s junk to most people, you’re likely to have a handful in a month.

Label the rolls to the level you wish to achieve with the learner

You can choose to paint the empty rolls or wrap them up with cardboards to make it colourful.

Teach the learner to place items that tally with the value written on the rolls.

The items can vary from cutlery to popsicles, straw, stationery etc

After the learner has mastered it, you can choose to scatter the rolls and watch if the learner will place the appropriate value in the rolls.

We hope you try this out and give us a feedback and if you have alternative ways to teach learners to count especially using resources within our reach, comment below.

Have a fabulous numeracy class.

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