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How we got started

Making you Love Maths in fun and innovative ways. This not a company, it’s a Movement

The story behind our success

Making you love Maths

The Lifematics centre is a mathematics company focused on making mathematics fun and easy to students while improving creativity, critical-thinking and problem solving skills.

We believe that for anyone to be great, you must either be an inventor or an innovator; our teaching techniques develop these in students.

Redefining greatness in mathematics delivery



To redefine Mathematics in Africa by making mathematics easy and fun for learners



Redefining maths in Africa

Core Values

Our core values form the acronym PACE


Life is a math equation. In order to gain the most, you have to know how to convert negatives into positives


The Lifematics centre

Our Clients said

The Lifematics turned my teaching career around. I practised those things I learnt during their training with my students and colleagues. Numeracy is now the best subject of 14 out of my 18 students because of how I teach it. Two of my students want to be Numeracy teachers like me.
Thank you Lifematics for making me a better Numeracy teacher

Toyin Binang
The Lagoon School, Lagos

The Lifematics Centre training has helped the pupils to be creative and increased their love for maths. We recite maths poem on the assembly now. Our staff write lesson notes in a unique way considering that everyone has different learning styles. If maths was taught this way, more people would have studied maths related courses.

Mrs Olamide Alalade
Champion Learning Field, Minna, Niger State

Implementing the things l learnt during the maths teachers workshop has been very exciting. The pupils that weren’t very interested in mathematics are beginning to pick interest. My director is very pleased with the performance of some pupils in my class now compared to where they were before.
God bless all The LIFEMATICS crew

Angela George
Sheerwood International School, Port Harcourt

The knowledge display and trainee carriage capacity of the facilitator was above expectations

Francis Fache
Benford International School, Abuja

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